Flower number 15: don't press my buttons!

"Don't press my buttons!" Yeah, yeah, yeah... but I've come across some ideas on the web and around town that are going to entice people to do just that. This post isn't about anything I've done, but more like what I might do some day. Or, what you could do, if you have buttons. So, upon Instagramming today, I "liked" this photo, below. Isn't it great? I thought so too.

Olde Soul Print Shop Button Packs from their blog

It's part of the collection from Olde Soul Print Shop. Usually you can take a gander at real good lookin' drawings and logo design in their thread, but today they featured this creative way for displaying their fantastic branding on buttons. I loved it so much-- it got me thinking. 

Button Bat from The Really Rottens is cute as a button. ;)

"This reminds me of something" but what was it? Well, it was the awesome little handmade, origami, shade-wearing, bat-- courtesy of Austin's coolest surf band, The Really Rottens. This was easy enough, and I imagine, cheap! The band left these little guys around the tables at the venue, free for the taking. They definitely got picked up and played with by adoring fans, and for sure helped spread the word. The rockin' word, that is.

Abby Larson's Seating Cards from Style Me Pretty, featured in Today's Bride

So then I got to browsing, and brainstorming. These little buttons are so easy to make, so cheap, and so much more fun than a business card, why not use them whenever possible? I loved this idea for seating cards at a wedding. I would have never thought of that.

So those of you who own button machines-- I say, get creative! These ideas for branding, marketing, or partying, are definitely a great way to share your love.

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