Flower number 16: seababy besties

Amigurumi is so cute, you could crochet a warthog with a hyena stuck to its butt and it would still be irresistible. Upon teaching myself to crochet many years ago, I instantly attached myself to the patterns created by Tamie Oldridge (previously known as Tamie Snow) at Roxycraft. 

A set of Tamie Oldridge's amazing patterns from her  pattern shop at Roxycraft
She was, and is, making darling creatures --tiny animals and make believe friends. Her patterns totally helped me perfect my crocheting ability, and in no time, this self-taught girl was crocheting up a storm.

After crocheting one of her charming little fish, I was hooked. (Pun intended) I continued through the years and more recently, I made these three sea creatures for the new baby of two of my dear friends. I used  Roxycraft's pattern as a basis for the little green fish, but improvised a lot for the baby puffer and octopus.

For the octopus, I crocheted a sphere and sewed a piece of red fabric into it. I stuffed it slightly, so that there would be a cushioned feeling, and she could put her little hand into it, much like a puppet. This would make it more fun to play with, as the 8 long legs twirled around quite well. As for the legs themselves, they were easy-- I just had to make 8 of them. 3 rows each, the sides were stitched together, and the seam closed shut with a light pink strip of yarn. Each leg was completed with one teeny tiny tentacle.

The baby puffer fish was improvised by first crocheting a box and then decreasing until it closed up. This little one was given a couple of little bells so that shaking it is so much fun. The tail got a pouf and she definitely had to have big, puckered fish-lips.
Throughout the years of creating little amigurumi friends, I always embroidered their faces on. I've seen some terrific ones made from felt, or even plastic materials too. In any case, these three friends were some of my favorite creations, and they were so fun to give to a beautiful newborn baby.

Crocheting can be so relaxing and rewarding --especially with an amigurumi project. They really just get cuter and cuter with every stitch. You know, maybe I'll give that ol' warthog a try.

How 'bout some inspiration:
Amigurumi Kingdom

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