Flower number 14: chinese takeout cupcake

Chinese food takeout is such a treat I made it the theme of a dinner party. It's easy decorating, with beautiful gold and red paper goods, and an even easier menu. Where dessert is concerned, I know you're wanting to say fortune cookies. I said cake.

Pinteresting my way through some mouth watering ideas, I came across this beauty from Dots Treats! based in Miami. This was featured on what might be thee cutest cupcake blog, Cupcakes Take the Cake. So, with just a few days to prepare, more than a few states away from Miami, I decided, like any good crafter-baker-extraordinaire:  "Hey, I can do that!" 

Chocolate cupcakes piled high with swirled icing, and sprinkled with specks of gold were the delicious parts. To make them beautiful, I decorated fortune cookies a few different ways. Chocolate melts and red, glittery, sparkles were just what I needed for the marvelous presentation that I wanted.

I can just picture it: you open up your folded takeout container expecting beef and broccoli, but to your surprise, there is a beautiful, candy-coated, tower of cookie and chocolaty cake. Smiles for sure.

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