Flower number 1 :: The First Flower for Ferdinand

The first flower I have for Ferdinand is an oldie.

I love winter break because it means time away from, time to miss, and extra time to snuggle up with, Jasper and Koko. I read a bunch of different opinions on the interwebs about how long is too long for kitties without a human companion, but I had to settle with an auto-feeder and friend check-in combo, during my week away. They snuggled up quite a bit when I came home.

This is a small, acrylic portraiture I made of them a couple of years back.

I guess it's old-mews.


  1. I like your painting Liz! Are you strictly a painter of feline portraits? <3

  2. Kelly Belly, yes, this is my first, and the second was of a cat too, now that I think of it! Thanks so much xoxo