Flower number 18: inspiration in a pretty (fun) paper alphabet

Paper brought to you by Digitprop
Digitprop has created, and shared, a beautiful paper alphabet. Wasn't that nice? Just print out and create! I can already think of so many things to do with these little guys... how 'bout you?

Photo by Digitprop. This is one amazing resource for fun. 
Everything you need is in their zipped up file, free for downloading, printing, and creating! Great for preschoolers, yes, but can't you see these used as a fun decoration in a child's room? I'm going to print some out and place in my classroom -- maybe "R E A D" or "D R E A M" or "W R I T E" or "I M A G I N E" . . . I can't wait to get started!

Download the letters individually here.
Download the complete set here.

Please share how you used these awesome letters by commenting, or submitting photos to the Flowers for Ferdinand Flickr Pool. I would love to see how your were inspired, and what you created ...or how you played games with these guys.

Big thanks to Digitdrop for their awesomeness.

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